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Wednesday, May 12, 2010


The last six weeks I've been hitting it hard at bootcamp -- I haven't missed one session and I don't think I have cellulite on my calves or upper arms anymore. Imagine that. I'm learning the combination of eating right and exercising it the key to long term weight loss. I'm down five more pounds and I can actually wear shirts that are fitted instead of baggy shirts that I use to cover up Shelia (my belly). There's a lot less of Shelia these days and that's making me smile! It's been about three months since I started dieting and I've lost a little over 14 pounds -- and I know that's 14 pounds that won't be coming back. I'm eating six times a day and watching what goes into my mouth. I'm not ready for a swimsuit yet -- but I know that I'll at least be able to wear a pair of shorts this summer and not be mortified. And I also know that I'll be able to hike, bike and swim with my family and not knell over from exhaustion.
I hope to see some of you at Let's Move Nevada events this June -- check out facebook/letsmovenevada for more info. The key to health and happiness is education!

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