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Monday, January 18, 2010

Getting Started

I weigh a little over 200 pounds. Yep -- 200 hard earned, well placed and equally distributed pounds. I've been told I carry my weight well -- my butt is big, my belly is big, my thighs are big. Lucky for me everything is very well proportioned -- so I'm just big all round. I recently gave birth to a perfect little eight pound angel and I really did expect the 50 pounds of fat I gained during my pregnancy to fall right off. I kept waiting and waiting but after two months I'd only dropped 15 pounds -- what was up with that? I thought it would all just melt away. That's when I met the folks from iMetabolic. They reached out to me to help them establish a PR campaign for 2010 and I saw a great opportunity -- why didn't I go on the diet to see if it really works? After all what better way to really rep and understand a product than by embracing it and introducing it into your own life. So -- I cut them a deal. Sure -- I'll help you with the PR for iMetabolic, but in exchange I wanted to do the program from beginning to end.
I met with Tracey, one of the counselors, and we began my journey to health and happiness. I logged in at about 204 pounds and almost half of that is body fat. It takes a lot to admit that, but I'm ready, willing and able to make that change. So -- each week I'll be posting video, photos and random thoughts about my life changing weight management plan! Yes -- photos of me in a bathing suit coming soon.

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