Taking Back the 9

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

My First Weigh In

Greetings Fellow dieters! Today was the big day -- my first weigh in. I was really, really nervous because even though I've been pretty good on my diet I haven't been perfect. But then nobody is really perfect. I met Dr. Pamela Corson first and we went over my challenges with the program as well as my reasons for wanting to lose weight. Lucky for me it's not because I've got my eye on some hot two piece for Memorial Day, but because I want to run around after my kids and not keel over from exhaustion. Dr. Pam is amazing and really helped me re-focus and understand WHY weight loss is important. Love that gal! Once we wrapped up I stepped onto the InBody Machine and to my absolute delight discovered that I'd lost 8.1 pounds of body fat mass -- WHOA!!!! Plus my sexy Kohl's sale rack jeans are starting to get a bit big around the waist. So - today is a great day. My iMetabolic diet is really working and Dr. Sasse's daily tips are keeping me motivated and on track. I love the accountability -- that's what I need to keep me coming back for more!


  1. Congratulations Abbi! That's awesome.

  2. Im all about my family, the outdoors, and my "daily" bottle of wine.!!!