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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Why Do I have to Drink These Shakes

So -- I've been complaining about the shakes a bit but then Mark over at iMetabolic sent me this list of reason why drinking the shakes is going to help in my battle of the big belly. I thought I'd share these reason here!

a. Enhancing the metabolic process by sending signals to use rather than signals to store body fat.
b. Eating six (6) meals per day.
c. Permitting the overall caloric levels to come down sufficiently to burn 2 to 4 pounds of body fat per week.
d. Smoothing out blood chemistry and the glycemic index so that the metabolism will function more efficiently and at higher levels.
e. Reducing cravings that often occur for most eaters in the late afternoon and early evening.
f. Allowing a great sense of satiety (satisfaction) by telling the brain that the body is full and not hungry.


  1. So, this doesn't sound unlike the thing I'm doing. Mine is six meals a day - five of six are shakes/bars/whatnot and the sixth is the lean and green meal that's basically veggies and protein. and a lot of water. The way I got around the shakes was blending them with the Magic Bullet - the best blender ever and investing in straws. Everything is more fun to drink out of straw.

  2. Amanda -- that is pretty much what mine is as well and it's been working!!! They told me to get a bullet as well so I think I'm going to go pick one up today!

  3. Yeah, the magic bullet is clutch. blend it with ice, it will change your world.